Saturday, February 18, 2012

Baking Soda as Shampoo and LUSH Cosmetics

In my quest to use organic, natural products I have now come across a company with a similar vision.  LUSH Cosmetics, a Canadian company, hand makes their products from various essential oils and organic products from all over the world.  My favorite thus far being the Olive Branch shower gel and the Honey Trap lip balm.  All of their products make my skin happy and I look forward to trying out every product eventually.

This has not changed my shampoo or conditioning regiment as yet.  They do have fabulous hand made products for both purposes, but at the moment I am loving the almost zero cost way of things.  My head has adjusted to the new regiment and feels different.  No longer do I get that panic-like itchy feeling if I haven't washed my hair in the last couple of days, nor does my hair need a whole lot of handling.  The waves are better managed than before, and straightening is great. 

See for yourself the natural, healthy shine I've got!

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