Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Baking Soda as Shampoo

I have to confess that after getting a hair cut several months back, they did a blow out in my hair (as in a blow dry straight, not a keratin treatment).  I loved it.  My hair felt so silky and I couldn't stop touching it.  Since then, I have started getting blow outs done whenever I can book them really cheap on lifebooker.  This last time, as the days wore on and I knew I'd have to wash it out, I wondered if there were a way to prolong the washing.

As I read about various "dry" shampooing, I also found a site that described how to shampoo ones hair using only baking soda!  I was perplexed.  I didn't know there WAS an alternative to buying shampoo, thereby stripping both the dirt and grung from hair but also the essential oils that really should be left alone.  As I read on, I thought about all the trouble my hair had been in my life and wondered if my hair was being falsely accused!  Could it be that it is Shampoo's fault, and not my poor victim hair?  What's more is that the woman from the blog is STILL doing it two years later!!

That day I decided to try the "dry" shampoo to prolong my blow out.  I parted my hair as I would when dying it, only instead of dye, I sprinkled baking soda onto the scalp and massaged it in.  Once done, I brushed it out.  The result?  EVERYONE at work asked what I had done to my hair, if I was going out later, or why I was so dressed up.  I was wearing an outfit I wear ritually, and no new jewelry.

Hair test #1??  CHECK!!  So dry shampoo is a great idea.  I felt clean, my hair smelled good, and it obviously looked amazing.

I did want to wash it that night, so it only prolonged the washing one day, but hey, one is better than none!!

Hair test #2?  Washing with baking soda.  Now I'm told it's easier to do if you first combine 8oz of water and 1TBSP of baking soda in a bottle and then use it like you would shampoo.  I don't do anything the easy way, so I just poured it into my hand, made a little paste and then put it onto my scalp until it felt like it was everywhere and then massaged like I would regular shampoo.  My hair felt clean in a different way than before.  I think I used too much, which obviously again the bottle would have helped, but my hair and scalp feel great today!

I have to admit I forgot to bring honey or apple cider vinigar into the bathroom, so I will have to try that next time.  This time I used my usual cream rinse (aka Conditioner) from Feria.

The result today is that my hair feels clean, smells good, and is NOT frizzy even with the slight humidity in the air and zero product.

More on all this later :)  Anyone else tried this yet?