Thursday, February 10, 2011

New York Story

I have been asked by so many people I figured this was the easiest forum to update y'all on my move!  Within a few days of moving to NY, I was hired by a company with whom two of my friends work.  Before I could complete the hiring paperwork, etc, the position still had to be approved by the corporate office.  It was at that point that corporate office decided that they were going to be on a temporary hiring freeze.  Thankfully this company does hiring for other companies so I have been placed on a temporary assignment on the upper east side as an admin for the guidance office of a Catholic boys high school.  It's been a good couple of days and I am enjoying being a working New Yorker!  I'm staying with family in Brooklyn at the moment but hope to move to an apartment soon.  I have a couple of possibilities, with the one I want most being an apartment with two roommates near Washington Heights, which is above the upper west side of Manhattan.  One of the roommates is a friend I worked on ships with, so that along with the location are major draws.  You all know I follow the signs and go with the flow, so I'm just truckin along and enjoying each beautiful day in the city :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Ice in Jersey

Looking out the window I see a sea of white.  The trees have lost their glisten, but the subtle breeze moves the bare limbs to a sound only they can hear.  Cars go by slowly and the smell is light.  If I walked out into the day I would find a chill in the air just enough to remind me that spring it is not.  As the life below the surface hibernates, I feel a sense of renewal forming.  Where my life is headed only One knows.  What my life will be only One can tell.  But to live it, each day, is my gift.  Just a few days ago, an ice storm descended upon Bound Brook, and I couldn't help but to capture a little of it.  It was as if everything were inside the truck of the ice cream man.  Each branch, each twig, each trunk looked dipped in sugar.  The pictures I captured do not in any way do the view justice, but I hope you enjoy them anyway.