Saturday, December 15, 2012

Shooting in Connecticut

Shock and grief sit heavy on me today as I learned of the Connecticut shooting just moments before I boarded a plane. We sat for 6 hours watching the news unfold, hardly able to focus on anything else during the flight. Men and women were wiping away tears as the truth sank in that kindergartners were murdered.

As I reflect on this fact, and think of the sweet children recently stabbed to death by their once loving nanny, I am left with a feeling of unease. I look around and wonder what is happening in our world. Are these people truly this evil, or is evil coming and taking over people to act out these awful killings? Is nothing sacred anymore? When babies can't go to school without being killed, what does this mean for the future of mankind?

The news has covered the unrest in Israel, the political debacle in the Middle East and the rising issues with North Korea. While these are all terrifying and potentially WWIII starting events, what are we saving when our safety at home is so volatile? Why are we destroying ourselves from within?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Locking and Unlocking Cells in Excel When Protecting a Spreadsheet

In my day-to-day life I'm known as the "Excel Queen."  I love it, and am often heard saying it could save the world.  While I am extremely creative, I am also equally type-A and a total geek.  To this end, today I needed to unlock some cells in excel before protecting a spreadsheet.  I Googled, I asked around, and it seems no one anywhere could explain HOW to do this.  Weird, right?

Here goes:

You're in excel.  You highlight the cells you want people to BE ABLE TO edit (if the cells don't touch, hold the CTRL button as you select various cells)

Once they're highlighted, go to the HOME tab (you should already be on it), then look all the way to the right at the FORMAT option.  Seen below:

Click the drop-down arrow and DESELECT Lock Cell

Then go back to FORMAT drop-down and select Protect Sheet

Enter a password if you'd like (when prompted) and click OK

VOILA!  The cells you selected will be editable and the others will be blocked.  This can protect formulas, data, or anything necessary from little hands, coworkers, or anyone that simply doesn't know enough about Excel to leave important portions alone.

Enjoy :)